Homer Kefaladelis: Lost 9kg and 11cm off his waist in 12 weeks preparing for a mountain nike trip to NZ

"I started training with Luke six months ago. The objective of my training was preparation for a Mountain Biking Trip to New Zealand with a group of good friends. Not having exercised before for a period longer than a month as most people that are unfit can relate to, this was a tough ask of Luke. His persona, and his supportive motivation made me return three times a week with eagerness and a feeling of achievement. There were times I dreaded the training sessions but left with a feeling of accomplishment.

I am a dentist by profession; my job is to advise others what to do and how to maintain their Oral Health. I have to tailor treatment according to people's needs and wants and also to their budget which can at times affect outcomes. Luke treats his clients as patients, he understands their Physical and Mental thresholds, he never breaks them but makes his clients break it themselves.

From the age of 25 I had a Liver Metabolic disorder which led to condition known as Impaired Glucose tolerance. In Life Assurance circles it's Diabetes and carries a loading. In my eyes it was a curable disorder, as I was told by exercise, but I was too lazy and not motivated enough to challenge myself. My random blood sugars ranged from 7.00mmol/l to 8mmol/l 2hrs post meal. Today my sugars are 4.8mmol/l with no medication. I feel stronger physically and mentally and feel energized at work and play.

There is more to a personal trainer than just a bar bell, there is a relationship that develops and an unconditional respect for their professionalism
It's been a great honour recommending Luke Duffy

Homer Kefaladelis"

Anna Mansour

"After an indulgent Christmas break, my husband-to-be, James, and I decided to invest in 8 weeks of personal training in the lead up to our wedding. We already went to the gym regularly and ate fairly healthily, so the aim was to lose the last few excess Christmas kilos and tone up. We couldn’t have imagined the results, and how fantastic we both felt on our wedding day 8 weeks later.
Luke set us a challenging program, and a tough, but very rewarding nutritional plan. Where previously I had to drag myself up to a spin class, I jumped out of bed for early morning training with Luke as it was rewarding to see the results, and to constantly be improving. Luke was a motivating coach, always varying the program and encouraging us to challenge ourselves.
And the results spoke for themselves. James lost 13cm in his waist, 8cm on his hips, reduced his bio-age by 11 years (!!), and lost over 6kg. I lost nearly 3kgs, reduced my overall body fat by 4.6% and lost 5cm on my waist. We were not overweight or unhealthy before, and we were thrilled with the results. Above all, we both felt healthy and fit on our wedding day, and could relax and enjoy our honeymoon!
If we hadn’t have moved to London following our wedding, I would definitely still be training!!"

Taz Sheppard

"I went to Luke to get fitter and stronger for footy. I play front row in Rugby League and Rugby Union. As well as working on being generally stronger and fitter Luke asked me about the specific areas of the game I felt weak in and we worked on those areas. By the time the season rolled around I had become an 80 minute player and had more upper body strength to bust tackles and lower body strength to keep pumping once tackled as well as more off the mark speed to find holes. I even ended up playing in Seven’s tournaments in the off-season something I would never have been fit enough for before. Some trainers offer a blanket approach to 'fit and strong' but Luke's training sessions always included exercises that directly related to the fitness required on the field and it showed when the whistle blew."

Peter Roberts: Lost 13kg, 17cm off his waist, 4cm off each thigh in 12 weeks

"Hi Luke,

A massive thank you for getting my life back on track.

At 93kg, unfit & unhealthy I was becoming increasingly stressed that as I approached my 48th birthday it was getting too late for me ever to regain my strength & fitness. Stuck in a sedentary office job for over 12 hours per day, I never thought I would be able to regain my fitness and the prospect of various health issue medications was becoming more and more likely.

One month of your diet & exercise program, together with your inspirational motivation, & I am back at 84kg, fighting fit & getting stronger & healthier every day.

Committing to your diet & exercise program sounded challenging to begin with, but I was surprised how easy it was to commit 100%, particularly as the benefits became obvious so quickly. The nut & vegie snack substitutes kept the hunger pangs away, and the zero carb dinners had the added benefit of helping me get a much better sleep.

Every week became easier as the weight came off, the fitness improved, & my general health and outlook got better & better. This “crash” program has also now made it much easier to stay on a healthy diet and push even harder to improve my fitness & strength.
I have tried a triathlon comeback many times over the last 10 years, only to suffer injury breakdowns & diet & training motivation problems.

Having seen such dramatic strength & fitness gains over such a short period, with no injuries, and a renewed focus on nutrition & lifestyle, I am inspired to think about competing again. I look forward to continue working with you to achieve these new goals.

The positive comments from family, friends, and colleagues are further reinforcement of the myriad benefits of improved health and fitness, and the inspiration provided to my teenage children of the power of discipline and commitment to achieving your goals is priceless.

I cannot thank you enough, and would highly recommend your nutrition & fitness expertise to anyone.

Yours Sincerely
Peter Roberts
Managing Director, Institutional Sales"

Jessica Stewart: Lost 25kg!

"Luke is one of the most motivated and upbeat persons that I have met and this is one of qualities that attracted me to him as a personal trainer. His positive demeanour is infectious, which is exactly what I needed to keep me going when I felt discouraged. When I met Luke I had never had a personal trainer and in fact at 120kgs I had never actually trained or exercised properly at all. Luke gave me encouragement and valuable information to help me with my eating as well as at home exercise. His knowledge, friendliness, effectiveness, and his ‘never give up’ attitude is what kicked started my desire to become healthy and fit. After a year or working with Luke I was able to shed 25kgs and most importantly improve my general health. My overall experience with Luke was a positive one even as I think back to those days of him pushing me a bit harder than I wanted to go!"

Andrew went from 72kg to 82kg and added 5cm to each arm, 9cm to his chest and 3cm to each thigh in 16 weeks

"Thanks Luke for enabling me to achieve my health and fitness goals. Your knowledge is second to none, and you have taught me the necessary skills needed to get in the best shape of my life, both in the gym on the weights and out of the gym in the kitchen. Not only that you have been a great mentor, coach and friend, helping me learn mental discipline and mindfulness which helps in all aspects of my life. 


Geoff Hall

"I first met Luke back in 2010 when I was looking for guidance after a year of training with a mate with very ordinary results.

I was the heaviest I’d ever been (at around 93kg) and after a few attempts at various diets and advice from people who didn’t appear to practice what they preach it was time to get help.

At the first training session Luke got me to do an initial weigh in and body fat percentage reading -which to be honest was very confronting as it was a reminder that I wasn’t anywhere near being in shape.

Luke’s words were simple, “follow my advice and you will get to where you want to”. Luke got me to keep a food diary for the first two weeks so that I could record what was going on during a typical week. He then sat down and explained what was lacking and how this was holding back the results.

He then drew up a nutrition plan (which I didn’t understand at the time) but was happy to follow and see how it went. He also explained that the best approach was to slowly transition away from the old eating patterns over the next couple of weeks (by committing to one meal per week on the diet) which would give the best possible chance for my body to accept such a dramatic lifestyle change.

It wasn’t easy as I could feel myself wanting to revert back to normal eating habits but… I persisted and by the end of the month I had adjusted to the new eating plan.

What happened over the next 4-5 months was an amazing transformation from feeling unhappy about my shape to having a body that I could feel proud about. Luke empowered me to take charge of not only my training but to challenge what I was putting into my body.
After 5 months I went from 92kg (22% body fat) to around 79kg (11% body fat), feeling stronger then what I had ever been and possessing a wealth of knowledge (training and nutrition) that I now have for life.

Luke spent another 6 months working with me to achieve various strength goals (through intelligent program adjustments) and after the last session I left feeling completely confident in taking charge of my health and fitness.

We not only kept in touch long after but became really good friends talking about all things from the health industry, humanity, the prevalence of technology which were always approached with critical thinking. Luke is a deeply philosophical person thinking very deeply about hings but most importantly a philanthropist in the truest sense - these are what I believe to be Luke’s most notable qualities and make him stand out amongst the crowd.

In 2011 I decided to embark on the trip of a lifetime riding a motorbike around Europe with a good friend of mine. I was in really great shape and my diet (one of Luke’s) had the perfect balance to match my training/lifestyle.

An unfortunate turn of events half way into the trip led to an accident that was life threatening. I was in a coma for 10 days and in a really bad way. From the outset it did not look like I would live but what happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

My body had started to recover at a rate that was beyond explanation from the observing doctors at a rate which was twice as fast as they had predicated. I honestly believe that this amazing recovery back to full health can only be explained by the unique training and nutrition that had been instilled in me by Luke.

I truly feel like I have inner mastery both in and out and if you too want to change your life for the better then I strongly suggest you get in touch."


"Working with Luke was a very enriching experience. I trained together with my friend, which was great for those days I wasn’t feeling quite as motivated. The first time I saw Luke as PT I asked him how to limit how much fat I put on while trying to put on muscle. He analysed what I was eating everyday. He planned my food for the week, and then evaluated my body type and metabolism and adapted my training and diet tailored to my goals. After 6 month trying to gain mass I put on about 9 kg. Then I wanted to lean up so Luke adjusted my diet and training to focus on burn more fat. I started eating 6 times a day and despite that I lost 7 kg in 2 weeks- AWESOME!!!

For the first time of my life I saw my abs, my muscles on my legs, in my back. Crazy! Now I know that it’s not just about training hard, it’s also about eating well. If I can describe training with Luke, I have to say: professional, serious, friendly, and a great teacher!"

Amanda Ford

"Training with Luke in the lead up to my wedding was the best preparation I could do to look and feel my best on the "big day." Luke completely tailored the program to my specific goals and these were achieved in only 12 weeks. I was so happy with my results, they exceeded my expectations and all of my friends have been asking me what my secret is, and I say "Luke!!"
I was overwhelmed with compliments on my body in the lead up to and on the wedding day. The results spoke for themselves. Thanks so much Luke for taking all of the stress out of looking good for my wedding, the hard work paid off and it was fun!"

Penny Lloyd

"I've been training with Luke for over 7 years and love the fact I always get the most out of each session. Through his extensive fitness and health knowledge and continued research into new techniques Luke is able to make every workout varied and challenging. I really enjoy the SGT sessions and find them a fun way to work out.

-Penny Lloyd
Development Director
Australand Property Group"

Mark Haines

"I've been training with Luke for around two years and couldn't recommend him highly enough. He isn't one of these trainers that just speaks to you for the hour session he's training you. He takes a broader interest, in a holistic way. We cover diet, goals, progress updates etc. I appreciate his intuitiveness and the fact he listens to me and knows when I'm just moaning as opposed to when I actually can't push myself any further. He knows the difference between muscular pain as the result of training and conversely, is mindful of areas such as neck or lower back that can present a challenge to me. He adjusts the session accordingly.

I am also impressed that Luke attends various seminars and makes an effort to keep up-to-date of the latest research - and then hs shares that with me, so I in turn benefit from that.

If you are considering engaging a Personal Trainer, then I don't believe you'll get one better than Luke. The results I have achieved over time and with his support are testament to that."

Erin Maguire: Lost 6kgs, 7cm off her waist, 5.5cm off her leg

"After engaging different personal trainers on and off over the past 10 years, I have to say, Luke is the best trainer I have ever had! Friendly, fun, and an absolute legend, Luke is a constant source of motivation and inspiration. His knowledge about nutrition is astounding, and I have learnt so many things that I have incorporated into my lifestyle. Even when I have my bad days (or weeks), there is never a sense of disappointment from Luke, only encouragement to get back on track. I always feel sessions are tailored to my strengths and interests, and as a result, not only have I seen massive changes to my physique, but also my outlook on exercise and wellbeing."

Dimity Dixon: lost 5cm off her waist, 3cm off her hips, 1.5cm of each thigh & each arm in 30 days!

"Luke is not only incredibly personable and professional he really takes time to understand his clients, their lifestyles and fitness goals. Having helped me reshape my thinking on my current fitness program, my diet and most importantly my mental awareness Luke has been the driving influence around my recent weight loss and toning.

In combination with Luke's tips, training and ongoing encouragement I have been able to achieve great results in 4 weeks. I can't wait to keep working with Luke, taking on new challenges higher and learn how to condition my body for optimal performance. I would strongly recommend Luke to anyone who is serious about taken action and having a great fitness mentor."

Angelica Bernal

"Luke is a wonderful coach & mentor, I had the great opportunity to have  him guiding, supporting & teaching  me through my work experience during my Personal Training Course. He possesses a wealth of health & fitness knowledge and experience. He is very passionate and takes pride on what he does. 
Luke's professionalism, enthusiasm, positive attitude and commitment makes him the perfect role model for all the upcoming fitness professionals.
He is one of the most wonderful human beings I have been lucky enough to have met and I'm very grateful for everything I learned from him.

-Angelica, Personal Trainer"

Simon and Liz

"We love having Luke as our small group trainer. His level of knowledge is impressive, and his commitment and genuine interest in helping to improve his clients’ health and wellbeing is refreshing. Our sessions are customized according to our fitness levels and goals. They are intense and we are always pushed to our limits!"

Michael Thio

"Luke Duffy was recommended to me by a physiotherapist as I had injuries consisting of 2 disc herniation’s in the lower back, and, torn left bicep muscle which has resulted in loss of strength in that arm. Unlike other trainers I have been with, Luke listened to my needs and devised a training program well suited to help me manage my injuries.

Luke's training program has helped me to regain my core strength and stability, which has significantly reduced my lower back pains.
He has also helped me to regain strength in my left arm so that I can do weights training using my left arm. Luke has been extremely patient with me, and his consistent positive encouragement does help me to focus on my injuries' management and recovery.

I would highly recommend Luke as a personal trainer.”


"Training with a friend was loads of fun. Luke is an outstanding trainer: attentive, knowledgeable, patient, and motivational. He helped strengthen myself like I never imagined I could. Working out was just as intense as training one on one but was great but nearly half the price, which meant we could train more often. Every single session is totally different; he pays attention to your goals, habits, metabolic type, and physical abilities. It's a worthy investment in your physical health and quality of life."


"Training with a mate was always more effective as you pushed each other far beyond what could be achieved alone. You not only had someone there to motivate you but to also share in your success!"


"I absolutely love training with our regular group. You get all the benefits of one on one attention from a trainer and you split the cost with a few others. Definitely good for the budget! The friendly competition is also great as no one wants to be the slowest, or the weakest"

Geoff Hall

Geoff Hall

"I first met Luke back in 2010 when I was looking for guidance after a year of training with a mate with very ordinary results.
I was the heaviest I’d ever been (at around 93kg) and after a few attempts at various diets and advice from people who didn’t appear to practice what they preach it was time to get help." Read more

Homer Kefaladelis

Homer Kefaladelis

I started training with Luke six months ago. The objective of my training was preparation for a Mountain Biking Trip to New Zealand with a group of good friends. Not having exercised before for a period longer than a month as most people that are unfit can relate to, this was a tough ask of Luke... Read more

Amanda Ford

Amanda Ford

"Training with Luke in the lead up to my wedding was the best preparation I could do to look and feel my best on the "big day." Luke completely tailored the program to my specific goals and these were achieved in only 12 weeks. I was so happy with my results, they exceeded my expectations and all of my friends have been asking me what my secret is, and I say "Luke!!" Read more